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That's another one off the list

rich164hrich164h Posts: 433
edited May 2010 in Road buying advice
After the ridiculous situation that is Cannondale CAAD9 availability and with the factory fire meaning that Bianchi's are almost impossible to get hold of it now seems that Planet-X have just put their prices up by £100 which means that I can't consider getting one of those either. With a 10% surcharge on all R2W vouchers at PX I was not happy to pay it but felt that I would stretch to it, but now there's just no way. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

At the moment the short list is:

Orbea T105
Spesh Allez Elite
or my current fave, the Colnago Prima

Now if only my employer would stop faffing around with the damn voucher schemes and let me order one!!
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