Campag Record / Super Record

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I am thinking of upgrading my groupset from Campag Athena (11 spd) to either Campag Record or Super Record, you guys on here that are running Record or Super Record can you give me some thoughts please ?

Is it worth going that extra to get Super Record ?

How do they compare to Athena ?



  • LazyLoki
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    I think you might find it to be a bit of an anti climax to be honest.

    Functionally all of Campags 11 speed groupsets are the same. You get lighter weight and nicer finishing (assuming you're not so keen on the slightly retro look of Athena) as more parts are made or carbon fibre and titanium. Record and above have ceramic bearings in the cranks. You get carbon crank arms as well which I must say are the nicest looking cranks on the market in my opinion.

    As for Record and Super Record there is virtually no difference other than finish. The SR shifters have ball bearings while record have bushings and also ceramic bearings in the rear mech jockey wheels.

    It's really up to you. If you don't mind spending the cash and you've got a frame worthy of sticking the best stuff on it then go for it. I've ridden a bike with SR on it and there's no denying its a great groupset - really nice operation and gorgeous to look at. Just don't expect it to feel significantly different to Athena.
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    Save your dosh just ain't worth it IMO. Buy another bike! :D

    Chorus is where I would stop in Campag's line-up personally. I can't see the extra for Record and Super Record is worth is £ for llb?! or indeed that much added performance-wise. Same as my Ultegra v's DA 7900, yes my DA is good but not that much better than the Ultegra. Some peeps will disagree, horses for courses. A top spec frame with top spec gruppo is nice though!
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    If you go Record you'll always regret not getting SR :!:

    No difference in performance or feel and only a couple of grammes difference in weight but if you can justify Record as being "almost the best" then you'll be left wishing you'd got "The best"!

    If you're not so worried about having top notch gruppo then go Chorus and enjoy the spare dosh :D

    (I had to go SR though or I'd be permanently looking to up-grade1)