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Raleigh Massiff worn out - need a new bike

FockerFocker Posts: 7
edited May 2010 in MTB buying advice
Hi All,

Planning to become a born again mountain biker after ~16 years. It’s clear the gear has moved on since my Raleigh Massiff!

Not currently knowing which way is up at the moment, I want to buy a bike which is ‘half decent’ without the need to upgrade immediately or be disappointed by buying too cheap.

Use: Roads to get to off road trails and tracks, wooded areas etc. I can be a bit over enthusiastic as times therefore durability is key.

Height: 5’11
Weight:11.5 - 12 Stones

Must haves: Reliability/Durability
Hydraulic brakes
Front suspension only

I want to buy and try a bike locally (Wilts) therefore the RR D8.1 is out, also my local halfords seem to lack the necessary customer support I would need as a noob. Krakken/Fury therefore out.

Options I think may be suitable, in no order are:

Giant talon 2 £550

Kona Fire Mountain Deluxe 2009 Mountain Bike £439

Kona Blast Deluxe 2009 Mountain Bike £549

Trek 4500 Disc 2010 Mountain Bike £549

Kona Fire Mountain Deluxe 2010 Mountain Bike £514

Clearly I will need to try these out, but before that please could the JedI’s advice which of these are worth a punt?

Also which other bikes should I look at?

Thanks in advance


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