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hub issues.

twedspeedtwedspeed Posts: 130
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Had my first freehub fail , while out on the moors miles from anywhere , I was attacking a steepish ( not particularly brutal ) climb, and then "bang" all forward drive gone,
"I thought I,d snapped my chain and was reaching for my power links"
- No warning or hint there was anything wrong - , My hubs a D.T. swiss Custom S.L. My question for yooz lot is this .......
1/ Is there anything I could have done to regain forward drive ??? we had a GOOD long look and scratched our heads , but we couldnt come up with anyway of locking the cassette . it just span equally freely in both directions.
2 / We had the normal collection oF repair kit and spares in our camel backs , but nothing specially made that was up to the job of removing the freewheel ( we got the cassette off O/K . )
3/ whats the crack with these PAWLS and SPRINGS is it a viable option to get myself trained up to removing / stripping / re-building & refitting all these little moving parts in a p*ssing wet field covered in sheep poo ??
4/ In the end I half walked half freewheeled back to start point - But what would have been the correct thing to do , if anything ??
5/ MOST IMPORTANTLY ......What do recon the cost will be for repair / replacement , parts ???
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
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    5 download the manual from DT site and then work out what happened.
    then open it up and see what has happened. Cost well it depends on what has gone.

    and what are the hubs?370 sl's or....?

    if they are all you need is a 17mm spanner.
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  • Not sure what a dt hub is like internally but hopes are a piece of piss to maintain.

    Also the leaf springs can be replaced with a small cable tie with the end cut off. Saw a guy do this in spain, I was well impressed

    £1.25 for sign up

    Cashback on wiggle,CRC,evans follow the link
  • stevet1992stevet1992 Posts: 1,502
    If it happens again you can cable tie the casette to the spokes to get you home ! Fixie-tastic ! 8)
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  • mrfmilomrfmilo Posts: 2,250
    Exactly this happened when I was on my dads bike, when climbing. (DT Swiss 370) Took it to the shop who have fixed it now, what happened is that one of the pawls had snapped in half, ripping out one of the freehub teeth. But they replaced the pawl and spring and all works now.

    They're great hub, reallly smooth and good performance, but seem quite fragile :cry:
  • twedspeedtwedspeed Posts: 130
    Nicklous - cheers , what a profesional website , the PDF told me everything I need to know .
    Steve WTF didnt I think of that , we HAD tie wraps as well :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    well at least I,m ready if it ever appens again. ,
    and hopefully everyone reading this will be as well .
    A great ride ruined but at least the beer in the TAN hill pub was nice. :wink:

    From now on my logo on all my posts is gonna read "Theres always a fix !!!" :wink:
    WHYTE LIGHTNING - CARBON S/L - NOMAD anyone see a patern emerging ????????
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