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Hope M4 cap tool

BettoBetto Posts: 23
edited June 2010 in MTB buying advice
Hi, have been meaning to do a service on the callipers and was going to buy the seals and replace them all. So I think I need to but the hope bore cap tool, here: ... delID=5244

There it says there's a mono M4 large size and small size, now if you look on the hope website, here: ... age_1.html

It shows part 6 and 7 as been small bore cap and large bore cap. the way I read this is I would need to buy both tools? at £12 it just a little pricey.

Am I reading this right I do need to buy both. Please advise me :D or is there an alternative?



  • RockhopperRockhopper Posts: 503
    Send the whole thing back tp Hope and get them to di it for you?

    Are your existing seals leaking?
  • BettoBetto Posts: 23
    Not leaking but 3 of the pistons are sticking and not moving, I've tried everything to free them off. So I was going to strip them and clean them up and will replace the seals while am there.

    And I like to do things myself, plus it would still be cheaper to order the tools, just seems a bit much to have to buy 2.
  • W00DENT0PW00DENT0P Posts: 211
    Just make a tool, i made some from a plain M8 nut and a plain M6 nut, just need to grind / file a couple of nothes in them to match the caps, then just use a spanner to remove them.
    Damn site cheaper than buying the tools, its not gonna be summet you use yery often.
  • BettoBetto Posts: 23
    Thanks for that Woodentop :) was hoping someone would post an idea for making your own, I will give that a try thanks.
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