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Rear axle slightly bent?

milan_nsmilan_ns Posts: 49
edited May 2010 in Workshop
When spinning the rear wheel I can see rear cassette cogs diverging from the ideal angle around 1-2mm in both directions (left-right).

It looks like the axle (?) is slightly bent. Also the hubs are not as silent as when the bike was new.

Can this be fixed or should I be looking for a new rear wheel?

Existing wheels are Alexrims S500 - so quite cheap models.

Thanks for the advice.


  • DaveHudsonDaveHudson Posts: 290
    Slight movement in the cassette is fairly normal on lower end wheels to be honest, Have you checked if the spindle is actually bent?
  • milan_nsmilan_ns Posts: 49
    Not sure how to check the spindle :oops:

    But the rim seems OK and I can't see movement in the axle when spinning the wheel.

    So you think it could be the case of cassette not being aligned to the wheel due to cheapness of the later :D ?
  • DaveHudsonDaveHudson Posts: 290
    Hold the wheel upright and rotate the spindle from one side, if the other side rotates in a O shape when viewed from the end, it's bent. If it just spins in the place it started, happy days.

    It's normally just due to varying tollerences in the building of the freehubs, unless it's severe it shouldn't effect the function. I see loads like it but have never had to do anything about them. Makes you feel seasick watching it wobble away :lol:
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