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Mountain bike for around 700-900 GBP

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Hi guys!

Need some help getting a new mountain bike.
My old bike is a Merida MATT LX (year 2002)

I see there are alot more great bikes on the marked but that makes it even harder for me to know what bike to buy.

Here are my needs for the bike:

* hydr. Discbrake
*frame 18
*light 8kg-11kg
*Motion Control, PopLo
* parts that have quality, dont need to be looking after that much, dont rust

I will be using it moustly on normal road / rock road but also in the wood.
Want to use it for training max speed probably 50KM/H

55KG 173CM

I have been looking at diffrent bikes,
Not sure what to buy. If you have any advice pleas tell

1.Cube LTD Team Hardtail Bike 2010

2.Diamant apex T4-2010

3.Everest Climber 2010

4.Quest 2010

5.white XC pro

6.Hard rocx cambrium

7. Nakamura spirit energi 2010


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