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GT avalanche or Mongoose (for a woman)

paulmclean85paulmclean85 Posts: 27
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Hi guys,

Im after a bike for my girlfriend and it has come down to these two. Very similar specs in the crucial areas with the only real difference (to my eyes) being the brakes - Hayes Stroker vs Juicy 3's. She is fairly new to biking so has no real preference over shifters etc, therefore really comes down to reliability. Same goes for feel, both have been tested, nothing major to choose between them.

Anybody got any opinions either way on these bikes to swing it? I'm tempted to go for the Mongoose and save £100 for extra gear... ... 1b0s2p2231 ... 1b0s2p1493



  • PudseypPudseyp Posts: 3,514
    Go for the goose, it's a better spec and's a shame Mongoose don't get the recognition as they build great spec bikes at a great price point...I had a Teocali and it was superb...
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