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Trek Madone 4.5 C v Pinarello FP2 Carbon 105

elffyelffy Posts: 98
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I presently ride a Specialized Allez Elite but have decided to treat myself to a new carbon bike. At present I am torn between the Trek Madone 4.5C and Pinarello FP2 Carbon 105. Has anyone got any first hand experience of these bikes to help me decided. According to the salesman, the Pinarello has the better frame but the Trek has a better overall spec. Any comments / suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Cannot comment directly on the 4.5c but I have a 5.9 on Ultegra compact. Same Geometry and main difference is the 5.9 has the 110 OCLV Carbon whereas the 4.5 has the TCT carbon.

    The ride on the Trek is just great and in 3 months of ownership I have built up from 30 mile rides on my Boardman Hybrid to over 80 miles on the Trek Madone. Comfortable and quick and planted through the corners at speed. Gives confidence on high speed descents as the bike just is so stable.

    My riding buddy has the Pinarello FP2 with 105. He loves it and I have had a short spin on it. It is heavier than my bike and I can feel that particularly on climbs. It is also a bit twitchy in comparism to my Trek - this is only noticed on rough road descents as it seems to skip a little over the bumps in the road whereas the Trek seems to float over them. This may be the wheel and tyre combo but not sure.

    Both are great bikes and the Pinarello looks sexier than the Trek - but thats a personal thing and not everyone likes the wavy forks and rear stay. If I was buying now knowing what I know I would go for the Trek again. The only other bike that gives me the same smile factor was the Bianchi Infinito and if I bought a new bike that would be the only other one I would consider over another Trek Madone.

    Test ride them and go with what feels best for you.

    Enjoy and ensure you post some pics of your new steed once you have taken the plunge.
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  • elffyelffy Posts: 98
    Thanks for taking the time out to give me your review, it's greatly appreciated.
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