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Genesis Croix De Fer - Impressions?

chrism_scotlandchrism_scotland Posts: 221
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Just wondering if anyone has a Genesis Croix De Fer and was wondering what your experiences with it are?
Looking for a road bike and have all but settled on a Giant Defy 2 but kinda wondering if I would be better with something a bit more "rugged" seen the Croix De Fer in my local bike shop and thought it looked really good, especially with the Disc Brakes and nice spec, just wondering if anyone has one and any comments on it? Wondering how it performs on road and how far a distance one would cycle on it?


  • explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
    I thing cyclocross bikes are the most useful bikes going
    fit slick tyres and is a comfortable road bike
    winter time fit mudguards and have brakes the work
    rind most places you can on a mtb (if you got the skills)

    But I dont like the Croix De Fer, cantis have a better feel than the cable discs and I think it looks funny, kinesis crosslight is a nice bike as is the genisis vapour
  • Cheers mate, I think I am going to get the Defy 2 just now, a more versatile, winter bike I will think about later in the year!
  • CoyoteCoyote Posts: 212
    I have the 09 model and its up for grabs at £600.

    It is a 54cm in white, has the carbon fork rather than the steel fork of this year and has the 105 group set rather than the Tigra of this year. Immac condition, I paid £900 from a local shop.

    Disagree about the brakes. I much prefer the discs to any canti's I've ever used. No fork shudder which can be a problem with some crossers using canti's.

    It can take mudguards and a rack. I have left the guards off and use a crud guard as it has mounts for one on the underside of the down tube.

    Don't use it much and need the dosh.

    Let me know if you are interested - I'm in Edinburgh.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    The Defy 2 will take mudguards and the brakes work in the winter. Why wouldn't the brakes work in the winter?

    The Crox de Fer may look nice, but is very heavy compared to a road bike - about 11kg I believe (compared to around 9kg for the Defy 2). If you want one bike that'll go off road then it probably makes sense, but if you just want a bike that'll take mudguards and a rack then there are plenty road bikes to choose from such as the Defy.
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  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    CdF is heavy. A really small 52cm (or so) for a girl in our club was north of 10 kgs.

    Things a tank - the tubing isn't great and when you throw in a steel fork it's a boat anchor.
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  • step-hentstep-hent Posts: 62
    I have the 2010 model. It is heavy, but even with the stock wheels it rolls well - I used it for a month or so as my only bike after my best bike was nicked, and had no trouble keeping up on fast audax rides and training runs.

    It's also extremely comfortable - I put 28c Conti GP 4 Seasons on it for road use, and the poor road surfaces on my usual routes just disappear. It handles beautifully too - cornering is always confident, even at speed in the wet in places where I've had a few 'moments' on other bikes.

    There's no doubt that you can get lighter road bikes for the same money - but as a comfortable, versatile, great handling, sturdy bike that can go quick when you push it, it's great fun.
  • JimbosomeJimbosome Posts: 57
    I bought a CdF about a month ago. Its a 2010 model, has 720 tubing and while its no lightweight, thats not what I bought it for. I had been commuting on a Cannondale CAAD2 touring bike for years, can't say its much heavier than that - I think it climbs better. The bottom bracket is super stiff (BB30), but seems reasonably comfy (although I haven't taken off the chunky tires yet). Agree with step-hent's comments above about sturdiness and handling. I'm thinking of doing some cross on it this winter for fun.

    The discs are fab, I tried wide profile Shimano and Frogeye type cantis on the Dale, but in the wet, they were only an intention to stop rather than a braking device. The inline brakes on the tops are a bit cluttered, but I have used them and they stop well.

    And it comes with a bell!

    (bought a kryptonite D-lock for it and it rattles like a big rattley thing - don't do this)
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