TT aerobars cable routing

da goose
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Advice on best cables to use for brakes when concealing inside FSA VISION aero tri bars....
Appears to be fitted with very fine diameter cables at the mo which are coated with black plastic or ptfe?
Either way lots of drag especially on rear....hardly suprising given the angles.

Fsa previously challenged on other bike sites and minimal feedback (use gear wires)
Or are different tt brake levers any better?
Fitted with bontager carbon at the mo?


  • hopper1
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    Doesn't the type of brake lever denote which cable you use?
    Mne are internally routed, and I used Shimano XTR brake cable set, all is well with them...
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  • da goose
    da goose Posts: 284
    I`ll take a geak at those, I think these are make it up as you go along?
    Just seen the bonty site and everything I have done already is on there, the fact a return spring is missing doesn`t help!!!