HT advice needed - I have 3 bikes in mind...

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Stumpjumper comp carbon 2010 v Whyte 19c v RockMountain RSL 50 2009

any thoughts?

I have a 15 or maybe even 20!, year old Marin Pine mountain thats just too old for me now, and want to trade up.
I like the Boardman Pro HT, but, want an all white bike (waits for insults!)

the RockyMountain is good value as the 2010 models are out, so dealers seem to be dropping their prices..


  • supersonic
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    Any chance you can see the bikes in person so can try out for size?
  • Funkyfresh
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    I'm having a look at the Whyte tomorrow, but thats all i have lined up so far.

    It's been a long time (obviously) since i bought a bike..
    do they let you ride it up and down the street, or just literally sit on one? How do you tell anything from just sitting on it?

    I'm 5ft 6" , and i think my Marin is 17", which is fine with me..
  • Splottboy
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    Let me know "wots occurin" as the Rocky and Whyte sound good.
    I'm 5ft 6ins too, so am interested in their fit and ride etc.

  • Funkyfresh
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    anyone have an opinion of the best of those 3 bikes?
  • rchip
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    Don't take my opinion seriously as I've never ridden it and i'm no expert, but i'm in love with the whyte heh. There is one down at the cycle surgery near my girlfriends and when I'm over there I feel like nagging her to go to the shop so I can go look at it! If I had the chance to buy it, I would :lol:
  • Funkyfresh
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    rchip, you sound just like me - seduced by an objects good looks! :D