Which Computer? Cateye Strada double wireless or Cateye V2c.

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I'm needing a computer with cadence on. I've got a Cateye Strada wireless at the minute & find it excellent. I don't need a heart rate function as I prefer my monitor on my wrist. So I've narrowed it down to the two above. But is it worth paying an extra £20 for the V2c?


  • Hi, did you ever come to a decision over this. I'm looking to get a new wireless computer and am torn between the same two! Any help appreciated!
  • mfin
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    I had the same quandry and went double wireless, neater unit is all that swayed me over slightly more functions
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    Hi, I happen to have both of them on different bikes. I very much prefer the Strada Double Wireless for its simplicity and ease of use. The V2C may have a few more functions but is quite complicated to use, has fiddly little push buttons and a cluttered screen. What's more, its sensor eats batteries like you wouldn't believe....
  • Take a look at the Sigma computers too. I was looking into computers, and the 1609 STS looks really nice as well, and easier to set up. I may end up buying one of those myself, but I'd like to hear what people say about them too (the review I've read seem to be good)
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    double wireless all the way, great piece of kit
  • I have a double wireless, I think it's brilliant.
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    What extra features does the double wireless have over the normal wireless one? And is it worth the extra cost?