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Orange five - swing arm help

FarrowFarrow Posts: 3
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Can someone please tell me how to get the swing arm off? i took the main bolt off with alan key and i cant seem to get the swing arm off. Any pics would be good. thanks


  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    you follow the mothod in the Orange FAQ's for replacing the bearings. Once they are out, the swingarm should just come away... ... earingswap

    But basically...

    1. Remove cap bolts (you have done this.)
    2. One the drive side, loosen the pinch bolts (underside of swingarm next to bearing housing).
    3. Hit the swingarm with a rubber mallet directly where bearing top cap used to be (on the weld if youd rather not dent the box section)
    4. Tighten up pinch bolts
    5. Move to other side of bike.
    6. First..Hit the swingarm (like in step 2...this should drift the bearing off of the pivot pin, which is what is stopping you removing the swingarm)
    6. Loosen pinch bolts.
    7. Hit with mallet.
    8. Tighten up pinch bolts.
    9 Go to other side of bike
    Go to step 6 and rinse and repeat until the bearings are drifted completely off the pivot pin. The swingarm should now come off easily
    10. Drink tea, eat biscuits and strutt around the house in a manly manner, boring your missus to tears with your story of how you got the swingarm off.

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  • FarrowFarrow Posts: 3
    Thanks for that.
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