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Chain Guard on a Shimano FC-M311 chainset

lee2509lee2509 Posts: 3
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Hi all, first post on this forum, so be gentle.

I am just buying a Carrera Vengeance from Halfords. When asked if I wanted any extra fitted, I asked if a chain guard could be put on. Their reply was that no it couldnt as no chain guard fitted this chain set (Shimano FC-M311). Now, when I do a bit of googling around the subject I found the Shimano Technical pages that seem to indicate that yes, you can get a chain guard. Anyone know for sure? Thanks. :)


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    if it is the version that does not take a "Chain Guard" then it does not take one. there is a version that does and a version that does not.

    get some trouser clips/shorts or maybe a different usage bike. :wink:
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  • lee2509lee2509 Posts: 3
    Fair enough. I was looking at the technical diagram and didnt realise I was actually looking at 2 seperate versions of the same thing. Makes sense now. Trousers in socks it is then! Cheers.
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