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Trying to guess the stem/bar size,,,wilier la triestina

James LathamJames Latham Posts: 170
edited May 2010 in Workshop
Hi guys, I recently bought a second hand wilier la triestina. Need to change the stem but I have know idea of the size of the fork steerer or bar. Any clues? The bar is quit meaty so i'd guess at 31.8, i think this is a fairly size?

cheers for any help


  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    stem length is measured centre of steerer to centre of clamp

    clamp will be 31.8mm, as you say, and the steerer will be 1 1/8"

    bar width are measured centre to centre

    other issues are stem rise - usually between 6 and 10 degrees

    and whether the bar is comapact, anatomical etc. in terms of shape
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  • PeterBLPeterBL Posts: 209
    maddog 2 wrote:
    bar width are measured centre to centre
    Some bars (mostly Italian ones) are measured outer-outer.
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