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Hi all,

Am in the process of upgrading my Charge Duster and wanted some opinions and advice on what I'm planning to do and what I should do next?

I've got the XT drivetrain except the cranks but was planning to order them with the Hope Tech M4 (front) and X2 (rear) both with 183 rotors, RaceFace Deus handlebar and stem, a Hope headset and BB. Can you think of anything that won’t work together?

Where I'm stuck are the forks and wheels. It's currently got Shimano LX hubs with WTB Speed Disc 32 hole wheels and RockShox Reba SL Dual Air with 100mm travel.

I’m trying to knock some weight off it and was thinking about the Crank Brother Cobalts, but I read somewhere that these aren’t all that light. Any other suggestions?

I might change the fork to 120mm too (RockShox Reba Team Dual Air 120) Can I put 120 forks in my frame? These are only marginally lighter than what’s on there (Team 120mm - 3.57lbs & couldn’t find the weight for my Reba 100 but the Reba SL 80 - 3.58lbs) Can anyone suggest a decent 100mm upgrade to the Reba SL’s?

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    The SIDs are lighter than the Rebas.

    Wheels seem the logical choice - XTR hubs on stans rims should save a pound at least.

    SHould be plenty of lighter parts than the Deuce too.

    But how much do you way? And the frame isn't particularly light lol.

    The headset and BB will hardly save anything.
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    I think you'll struggle to knock much weight off it, as sonic says the frame itself isn't particularly light.

    The stock wheels are quite meaty so would be worth an upgrade, I'm running Hope pro II hubs and Mavic XM719s on mine not the lightest of wheelsets but an improvement over the WTBs.

    The Fox F100 is about the lightest fork you can get and I'd stick to 100mm. Upping the travel seems to contradict the rest of the build.

    Your plan sounds good just don't expect miracle weight loss.
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    Brilliant, cheers for the tips, gives me some more food for thought. Almost there and I can't wait!!

    I thought for the price of the Crank wheels they'd be some of the lightest around but in the words of one of the reviewers if they weren't so bling they'd be just another wheel. Yeah the Duster's never going to be the lightest but I figure the main weight's in the wheels and forks so get the lightest possible within reason.

    So keep the travel at 100mm, sounds like a plan.

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    After Supersonic's comment about the Deus parts I've decided to go for the Thomson X4 stem instead of the Race Face but am a bit stuck which rise to get?

    I'm 5'9" with an Easton E50 stem (100mm and 6 deg) and Easton E50 bars (mid rise & 685mm). I'm getting the Race Face Deus XC 3/4 Riser (680mm) and am not too sure what stem size to get?

    The Thomson comes in 0 or 10 deg so was thinking either the 100mm 0 deg or the 90mm 10deg. The riding position's comfortable so am looking to change it as little as possible. Any suggestions again?

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