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2010 Scott CR1 Comp - Upgraded

stokepa31stokepa31 Posts: 559
edited June 2010 in Your road bikes
My 2010 CR1. My pride and joy.

Ultegra and DA with Ritchey finishing Kit

Thanks for looking in :)

Pics ... ott%20CR1/
Burning Fat Not Rubber

Scott CR1
Genesis IO ID
Moda Canon


  • bexley5200bexley5200 Posts: 692
    nice looking ride,ive always riden scott
    going downhill slowly
  • ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
    Nice looking bike - not sure about the bar tape - maybe it needs some yellow with the balck and the white to maintain the full colour co-ordination. Feels like its missing something :shock:

    Non the less it ticks the eye candy box.
    Trek Madone 5.9
    Kinesis Crosslight T4
  • stokepa31stokepa31 Posts: 559
    I agree on the tape. lbs didnt have much choice so will keep my eyes open. got some ultremo r1s on order in yellow so they should add some colour back. Flight of the bumblebee here i come :)
    Burning Fat Not Rubber

    Scott CR1
    Genesis IO ID
    Moda Canon
  • markmodmarkmod Posts: 501
    Perhaps sone yellow Hudz and keep tape as it is??
  • CarbonCopyCarbonCopy Posts: 492
    Very nice bike :D
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