Neutralising Milton in Camelbak reservoir

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I left a tab of Milton in overnight in an attempt to sterilise and clean my reservoir. Trouble is that now all I can taste is Milton. Not nice.

Would be grateful for any tips/advice on how I might get rid of this taste as I don't want to spend £20 on a new reservoir.
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  • willbevan
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    i find the cleaning tablets you can get for them are pretty good at getting rid of taste and as long as you rinse them afterwards then your good to go.

    Bought in packs of 5 I think for about ten quid, not the cheapest, but I use them every now and again
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  • itssam
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    Bicarbonate of soda is pretty good, a couple of tbsp and some hot water left for an hour will sort it :)
  • Thanks for the tips!
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