avid ellixir r to buy or not to buy

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im going to pursuse some new brakes tonight just need to see if the elixir r are right for me i need a brake with a lot of power and a bit of adjustment for a good price


  • peter413
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    The Elixirs are great, I am going to get one for the back of my 456.

    TBH I would consider the Elixir 5's for 135 quid a pair at Merlin.
    The difference between the R and 5 is the R has tool-less lever adjust whereas you need an allen key to adjust the lever on the 5, it's worth the saving though IMO
  • dogboy73
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    You can adjust the reach ....... that's about it! Pistons are self-adjusting. Just bought a pair myself. They feel very sharp & solid. Need bedding in though. I've not even started riding the rebuild they are on but they feel loads better than the Juicy 3's on my Trance. How much have you got to spend? I got a F/R pair of Elixir R's with 160mm rotors for £135 from Woolyhat shop. Fantastic value.
  • Noclue
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    Just got a secondset for my other bike, fantastic brake.
  • dogboy73
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    ....... Actually it looks like the Woolyhat shop are not doing that £135 deal I got on the Elixir R's right now. Unless they are out of stock.

    CRC sell Elixir 5's for £135 a pair. I think the only real difference (apart from the colour) is the reach adjuster dial on the brake lever that you don't get on the 5's. I must say I've found this difficult to operate on the R's & I'll probably need a tool to do it anyway! It's really stiff & quite difficult to turn with your fingers.

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