Cycling clothing for the more rotund gent

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Hi, I'm starting to get out on my road bike and as I'm getting more confident am starting to wonder if I should go for a change from the trackie bottoms and tee shirts into some more cycling specific clothing.
I do have some bib shorts which I use whenever I ride under my trackie bottoms but I'm more concerned about what to wear on top. I'm a big fella at 20 stone with a 50" chest, can anyone recommend anywhere that sells decent (but reasonably priced) cycling jerseys?


  • stokepa31
    stokepa31 Posts: 560 is where I get mine from mate. you will probably want the 6xl size which gives a good length over the gut. suggest you wear bib shorts with them in case they ride up a bit to avoid gut spillage :) The DHB ones from wiggle in xxl have plenty of give. i was 22 stone when I started and am down to 18.5 now.

    Prendas are not the cheapest although they do have the occasional top as silly prices. Ive not found anywhere else that gets near them for fit.
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  • ian_s
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    Aldi and Lidl have ultra low cost tops (and other stuff) but only for a week or so in the Spring and Autumn.

    The Decathlon range look good value but I have never tried them.

    I have seen this place recommended but has never had stock when I needed something.

    In general sizing tends to come up small (less so in the case of Aldi/Lidl), so worth trying on first if you can.
  • wasi1984
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    I wouldent worry about the top mate, I just wear football shirts for now, as they are great material when sweating ie. no nipple chafe !!!

    Im also a big lad at about 16 stone (not for much longer I hope) !

    But id 100% recommend you get some proper shorts.

    Mine set me back about 30 quid I think, but are worth every penny, they have big gel inserts etc etc.
  • Mad Roadie
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    Dont jump for the Lycra before you have lost the couple of extra pounds you are carry that would make you look ridiculous!!

  • TiBoy
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    Hi OwenB, football shirt is a good option however if you want to go down the jersey route it may be worth giving Shutt a call as they do a bespoke service for design and sizing for not much money. There stuff is made of sportswool so wicks really well and maybe idea for you.
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  • allotropic
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    I bought two jersey tops in 4XL from and I'm pretty sure they would fit a 50" chest without a problem.

    It's also worth looking in their sale section as they have some jerseys for £9.99.
  • Ollieda
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    I used for our club jerseys, most people commented that they were quite roomy. I'm 47" chest and have one of their jersey's in XL and one in XXL both are ok, not too tight. 4XL should be fine for you.
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  • OwenB
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    Thanks for that guys :) I'll check out all the sites and hopefully won't look like the guy in Mad Roadies photo!
    I have got bib shorts already which I've used for a while when out mtbing to prevent my mates having to gawp at my ass crack every time I'm in front. :P
  • The_Beast
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    I posted this in another thread but you might fancy a Nike running shirt, very lightweight, short zip, breathable and snug fit but certainly no wetsuit look. I bought one today from JJB Sports for £21.99, and I think it looks the mustard. :D,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-293332