Component advice needed for upgrade project please. :)

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Well chaps, my last thread on here was basically asking "which bike" shall I buy. Plans have now changed, and I now intend on donig a custom build.

Reason is that I just came into possession of a highly-regarded Gary Fisher Katai frame, the late 90's model I think ... 91crx.aspx and took it for a ride this weekend... I loved the frame! The bike now has V-brakes and an older form with no lockout that feels very soft... thus I am looking to do a revamp on that great frame and bring it into 2010! So, without further ado, here is what I am thinking, based on research i've done... all to be fitted by my local friendly bike shop. :)

EDIT - Just had a scary thought... is there a chance the older frame will not support disc brakes?



    Marzocchi 44 RLO Fork ... -2010.html

    Question is though... 100mm or 120mm? I do XC mountain biking here in Switzerland, nothing too crazy yet and mostly small mountain road and light rough XC trails, but this may well change in future. Shall I get the 120mm to be safe?
      Brakes and Groupset:

      Deore 590 Disc Groupset ... upset.html

      Seem like a good brake and groupset kit, and got a good review on Bikeradar ... er_reviews


      Shimano SLX Groupset 180mm front 160mm ... upset.html

      Higher-end model, 1/3 more cost but worth it?

      Question: I am assuming that both of these be fine with the 44 RLO, and am I missing anything in that kit that I would need to buy to complete the set, or am I right in assuming that both comes with everything needed for someone to fit? Also I went for the 6-bolt to ensure wider compatability as I am in the Swiss mountains often when I bike and some of the bike shops are not always too fancy in ranges of stuff they have (though Shimano IS the primary brand here)... is this a good idea?

      Also, IS mount or post mount for the specs I chose above?

        Handlebars and Seat post:

        Race Face Ride XC Bar,Stem & Seatpost ... tpost.html

        Anything else I missed?

        So yeah... full fork, disc brake and groupset upgrade in addition to handlebars and seat post... have I missed anything out? Would you recommend any changes at the same budget?

        Thanks in advance for the help with this chaps, I am getting into MTB a lot more now and really look forward to the time when I can start contributing back to the form helping other newbies with advice. :D




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          Any opinions chaps? SOrry the post was so long. :oops: