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Headset replacement on a Pinarello Paris Carbon 2007

snakeeatersnakeeater Posts: 113
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Hi, I'm trying to work out how to replace the headset bearings in my paris carbon but cant seem to identify how to take the 'pinarello' collar off the steering column on the carbon fork. This collar seems to sit just above the head tube.

Anyone with ideas and knowhow please enlighten me :-)

Thanks, S.


  • WheelspinnerWheelspinner Posts: 6,455
    I have one of these frames and was talking to my LBS the other day about the forks as I need to remove them to cut the steerer tube down a bit.

    I think I am understanding your query, so here goes...

    The forks are apparently quite a tight fit through the head tube and headset bearings, and will need a few taps with a SOFT mallet on the top of the steerer tube to get them out of the headset. There should be a compression expander fitting in the steerer tube which you can tap with the mallet. That collar you mention should slide up off the steerer as you do this I think. It's virtually a "press-fit" I think, although not a particularly tight one, just more than can be removed easily by hand.

    To reinstall the whole thing, it was suggested that since the headsets can be a tight fit, when you have the steerer tube re-inserted, it may be necessary to use the stem (not fastened up), some extra spacers, and then screw the top cap on slowly - this will pull the forks up into the headset to fully seat the bearings. When done, remove top cap, extra spacers and re-torque the cap, then stem bolts as normal.

    To be honest, he made the whole process sound sufficiently awkward that I'm likely to just take the bike in and get him to do it. That way, if there's any damage it's his fault, not mine!! Cost of getting LBS to do the work will be a whole lot less than replacing an Onda fork if I screw it up.. :lol:
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Yup, there's a split collet on the top race, give the top of the steerer a tap with a soft-faced mallet or protect it with a piece of wood.
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