Kona Cinder Cone 09 or Carrera Banshee 09

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Just a quick question on what u guys would recommend out of these 2 bikes im looking to buy in about a months time when i get the money.

As the good weather is coming in ill be offroad quite alot on single tracks and some downhill, And hopefully get upto glentress as ive heard alot of good things about it so which bike would be most suited for my needs, I phoned halfords today and they said the components on the banshee are better ive had a look and disagree to some extent but im no expert and might be rong.

The forks on the Kona i thought were better than suntour forks for a start, I have a carrera vulcan disk spec at the moent and wanted to upgrade most parts but id probably be cheaper buying a new bike so will do that.

Thanks for any replys



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    They are two very different bikes - one is a lighter xc/trail sort of bike with no rear suspension, the other a heavy, full susser designed for harder riding.

    Why not split the difference and get the Carrera Fury?
  • had a look at that there quite a nice bike :) i have bee looking about for a while and £550 for a full sus seems a bit on the low price not that im complaining just not sure if its good quality parts or not.

    Im guessing the fury would handle the likes of glentress then :?:
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    Kona......listen to the voice in your head ..
    kona caldera 2010
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    The Banshee would be at home on the rougher parts - but a pain anywhere else due to he high weight.
  • i had a carrera vulcan and now ive got a 09 kona cinder cone im very happy with it but to be honest it wont do any more then the vulcan would but the fork does seem better and im hoping that some of the parts will last longer as it was double the price of the vulcan. (£249 vulcan - £499 cindercone)
  • just compared weights of the vulcan and banshee vulcan is 15kg approx and banshee is 16kg approx so not much in it and im hoping to lose weight so in the month it takes me to get the money together i suppose there wont be much difference if i lose weight lol.

    Guessing the banshee has decent components then fork, breaks etc ? helps appreciated
  • supersonic
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    It does have good components.

    the Fury is 13kg so nearly 7lbs lighter and will be a better bet I think.
  • Ill pop into halfords and have a look at them tomorow or monday i think then, quite excited to get a new bike to be honest as today was the first day ive been out in a while done between 10 - 12 miles and found one or 2 single tracks and nice rock/gravel steep hill, thats really why i want a new bike plus the fact that the vulcan wouldnt handle glentress very well i dont think as my forks are pretty crap.

    Cheers for the help guys :D
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    Yeah popping in is yer best bet, then at least you can have a sit on them. Greenock Halfords has some nice bikes on display in your price range, i was in yesterday picking up a few bits (i'm in Port Glasgow) The boardman sport is also a nice bike, they've not got one in greenock but they have them out in braehead.

    See you on the trails.
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  • cheers m8, mite c u about over the summer, met a guy from wemyssbay yesterday up at the electricity pylon above the cut & lakes didint get his name tho he was on a red iron horse.