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Strange chain/chain ring problem

diamondbackerdiamondbacker Posts: 223
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
When riding in a gear where the chain is on the middle chain ring at the front and the 2nd - 3rd smallest cog on the rear cassette it seems as if the chain is clicking or catching on the chain ring. It's a 24 speed bike.

What is particularly strange is this seems to happen intermittently. I can ride for 3 or 4 miles without a problem and then it happens. It can be resolved if I pedal hard with the chain on the largest front chainring at the front and the smallest at the back. However, this again only lasts for a little bit longer.

I've changed the chain which has made a slight difference and the cassette and chain ring were done last year and I haven't done that many miles.

Any ideas?


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