Please help me to narrow these 3 models down...

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Hi Guys & Gals

Was in to MTBing for many years, I have been out of touch, but recently got my old Specialised Rockhopper out, and have got the bug back :) happy days.

Now my Rockhopper is about 7/8 years old, nice bike, deore, rim brakes, reliable, the only thing that bothers me it that I bought a frame which was a touch too big (19in I am 5ft 8).

So I am now looking to get a new bike, but the prices seems high/specs low. Can you advise what you think of these bikes & prices...

Scott Aspect 45 (LBS £520 + a deore rear mech)
Marin Bobocat (LBS £550 - nice light frame!)

---the issue I have with these is they are "only" 24 speed---


Focus Fatboy (£520 - I have no way of trying it out)
Claud Bulter Cape Wrath (599 - over my budgt)
Kona Cindercone (£449)

The bike will be used for Cross Country, a roar charity ride (Manc to Blackpool), some road work/canals with family, and a 1 day commute to work.

So what do you think? My only other thought to but a frame, and get all my old stuff put onto it, but it seems like hard work to me.


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    Ride before you buy!

    I also had a choice of a few when I bought mine, but after actually riding them at my local Evans I could only pick one as it was much better for me than the others. At that sort of price range (and depnding where you are in the country!) the Merlin Malt is good. Others will suggest more im sure :wink:
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    Carrera Fury?

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  • Would rather avoid halfords, got my Mrs a decent enough bike from there, but only after discover the 1st one was not setup properly, brakes didn't work as the frame was bent!
  • what about 2nd hand, would consider if it wan't too worn.
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    You'd get a better deal with a new '09 spec. Still new but reduced by a couple £100?
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  • I can not see many 09 deals left! Any to recommend?

    Also looking at Cannondale Trail SL 4.
  • I went for the Focus Fatboy @ £515. I hope its the right choice?!?
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    The Marin has a poor spec for the money.

    Fork quality is most important at this price.

    The Focus looks ok - does it fit? The fork may be a let down.
  • Hi

    I cancelled the Focus Fatboy order, seemed a good price 515, but concerns about not being able to see if in the flesh bothered me, although they do have a 7 day trial/returns policy I just couldn't be bothered with having to return it.

    I went to Halfords and looked at the Fury, nice looking bike and lite for the price, but the whole Halfords thing worries me, i.e. likely poor customer service.

    So, went to leisure lakes in Bury. Looked at the Specialized Rock Hopper SL (699) and Cannondale SL3 (I think) and a Scott. The Cannondale was nice and light, but looked to have cheap brakes, the same as the ones on my Mrs Carrera Vulcan, which I didn't like. The Scott seemed OK but on the heavy side. So... went for the Spesh, got £50 off and a nice little finance deal, and they set it all up on half an hour, well happy, great service!

    Now just need to get my fitness back up and the out in hills!!