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Looking for a hardtail around the £550 mark. I've had my eye on the Trek 4500 Disc for a while now, but then I've heard good things about the RockRider 8.1 too. Everytime I think I've made up my mind, I hear about another better bike :P

I'll sacrifice disc brakes if it means the rest of the kit is better and I can add them on easily later. I think weight is probably the most important factor for me because I'm not very muscly :P

I could stretch a bit further for the right bike, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a bike as it's my first "real" mountain bike. But at the same time, I don't want a cheap one that'll fall apart, or one that I'll "grow out of".


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    I bought my Specialized Rockhopper through my companies cycle scheme and saved 40% on the price and paid for it over 12 months. So my £900 bike was bought in the sale for £750 which I then had 40% off. This is a superb hardtail for a price around your budget. The bike weights around 11.5kg which is very light. I couldn't find lighter for the money.
    I wouldn't buy a bike without disc brakes unless you really have too.
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    If you don't mind Halfords a Carrera Fury can be had at that price and is hard to beat. Mine has proved to be a surpsisingly decent ride, and after I got it adjusted properly (pretty lax PDI) it's been great. I'd take over anything available new at that price point.
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    I got a Carrera Fury a few weeks ago in one of their sales (they have one this weekend...) so it only cost about £430 in the end. I'm very impressed so far :). I think it's excellent value, even at the regular price.
  • fury all the way had one for 3 years now only had to replace bb
    if i had my time again would i take the time to make the right choices

    naa thats no fun
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    i got an 09 fury for £400. i have pushed it to my limits and it still works so far. So all is good. It's light, accelerates well, shifts nicely, grips well, is happy to run over thorns and glass. A great all rounder for the money. Could do with a shorter stem though and some harder wearing tyres IMO.
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    Decathlon Rockrider for lighter XC, Fury for everything else, or try and find something competitive in the sales.
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    Alright, so say I'm into Red grade and Black grade stuff (i.e. Hully Gully at Gisburn), which of those two is going to give me the least grief?
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    They'll both do it but the Fury is probably going to be a bit more suitable.
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