Calf Cramp ???

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HI All

any thoughts why i maybe having problems with calf cramp when riding ? (Seat or cleat postion maybe )

Any thoughts ?


  • keef66
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    Seat slightly too high?

    Insufficiently hydrated / not replacing electrolytes?

    Could try moving cleats back a bit; puts less stress on calves (you might then have to lower the saddle a bit more)
  • Philby
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    Might be worth using Nuun tablets for your drinks bottle. Also do you stretch regularly? Might also be worthwhile doing a few calf stretches once you have warmed up a bit and also at the end of every ride.
  • smithyt68i
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    I think im drinking ok, i really watch this all day.

    i try to stretch but this is one of my bad points, i thought my seat was right but i will look at that also.

  • Will.C
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    I had this when I started out a couple of months back when I was playing around with different pedaling techniques. I found when I kept my foot pointed for the whole stroke I got serious cramp, what I mean by pointed is it was constantly at an angle with my toes pointing downwards as opposed to flat kinda like \ (not as steep as that but..) instead of _ :? does that make sense?
  • smithyt68i
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    Yeah thanks for all the thoughts, I got somone to ride behind me yesterday to look and my pedal stroke and seat hight and it looks like my seat is slightly too high and resulting in me pointing my toes :)