New to Road Cycling

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I am fairly new to road cycling, and still only have a mountain bike. I think I am doing ok until somebody on a road bike dressed in full lycra zooms passed me when out on the road, and knocks my confidence.

Can anybody offer me any words of encouragement?


  • gregster10217
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    Keep going, get some slick tyres for your MTB and when you're able, buy something racy and whizz past all the MTBers!!!
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  • keef66
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    That's what prompted me to get a road bike.

    I'd slicked up my light / rigid mtb and thought I was going pretty quickly on the road when an elderly gent on a road bike cruised past me without any apparent effort. Instantly I knew I wanted to be able to go that fast, and I wasn't going to do it on a 30lb mtb.

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