Wheel upgrade 9 sp shimano to 10 sp

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Hello all,

I want to upgrade my wheels; only snag being nearly all of the wheels state they're compatible with a 10 sp cassette. As I've already got a spare 9 speed hg50 I don't really want to buy a 10 speed.. would the HG50 fit, or am I going to have to get a spacer or a specific 10 sp cassette ?



  • nicklouse
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    the body is an 8/9speed one that the 10spd needs a spacer for.

    have a read

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    some wheels are 10spd only but they are rare (e.g. early Dura Ace)

    most new wheels will handle 8, 9 or 10spd. All you need is a spacer (or not)

    [I'd be tempted to chuck the HG50 though, due to weight]
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