Wow, what a difference padded shorts make!

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Got some Giordina Silverline Bibs today through the post, been trying them on all day, tbh, i hated the feel of the pad in them, just felt really odd.

But i bit the bullet, chucked them on, chucked some baggies on top of them too as i'm yet to get a riding jersey to keep my stuff (phone/keys etc) and a tee, and out i went on the bike.

Errrr, wtf were my initial feelings, just felt really strange through the saddle for the first mile or so, but after that, i forgot i was wearing them. I was only really wanting to go out for a quick 30 min ride, but 1hr 30 later, and 28 miles later, i was still raring to go, and my bum felt like i'd just jumped on the bike!

Fantastic! Just need to get a good baselayer for my top half and a jersey and i'm away!

But yeh, i was one of those 'haha, padded lycra shorts look rubbish, and probably don't do anything' kinda guy, but now i'm convinced, they're excellent!

That's all i've got to say, but i'll be trying to do more and more mileage now i've got them (tonights ride is the furthest i've ever ridden on a bike EVER) :D.


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    with or without butt butter? 8)
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    Lesson 2: The joys of Assos Chamois Cream :D
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    Welcome to the world of cycling.

    Most of us know we look stupid to the general public but everything is for very good reasons.
    You'll be walking like a duck next :wink:
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.
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    love how they function, hate how they look!
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    You should print out your OP and wave it at anyone who dismisses lycra-wearers as 'Lance Wannabees'. It bugs me how people who don't get cycling or don't understand how the right kit for the job improves it immeasurably find it so easy to criticise.

    Like I've said before - golf in a suit of armour? Chess with boxing gloves?