Making my bike shiny again!

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Hi all,

Maybe a mistake however I have a white road bike and desperately want to make it shiny white again!

Can anyone advise on what to clean it with as I can't shift the grease no matter how much fairy liquid!




  • Percy Vera
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    I find that codo grease works best!

    Fairy liquid is probably what has taken the shine away
  • pamuzu
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    Ha ha,

    I actually went on ebay looking for that! Elbow grease is all wel and good, however is there a product out there for removing the grease?

  • Percy Vera
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    A degreaser would probably work ie diesel, baby wipes, or Muc Off.

    Then to get the sine back try a car wax.

    Depends on how the lacquer on your frame is after using fairy liquid.
  • brin
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    +1 for the baby wipes, use them all the time, removes all muck/grease with no effort, even rub them over the chain to remove excess/old lube, a quick rub over afterwards with a clean cloth brings the shine back to the frame, just make sure you use the fragrant free types :)
  • tony620
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    Can i suggest a product, i used to do a bit of car valeting and there is a product that is called poorboys APC ( All purpose cleaner ) its a concentrated product that you mix with water. its used to strip the wax/oil and grease from a car in preparation for detailing and re waxing. Its seriously good stuff and can be used in general cleaning also. it makes muc off look like cheap halfords crap.

    can be brought from ebay and car detailing shops and is bio - degradable i believe
  • pneumatic
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    Bike Lust

    coats the whole thing in teflon.

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  • Hals1967
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    +2 babywipes. My bike is white too and the babywipes do a great job of keeping it looking good. Haven't had any tar spots to deal with yet though...

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  • Ricey77
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    +3 for baby wipes. Use the Aloe Vera ones for extra softness !! :D