Straight off the edge

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To fellow graduates and advanced newbies of mtbing...I recently missed a turn on a dry river bank, the trail was obscured by leaves. I found myself airborne before i realized my mishap and just braced myself for a healthy outcome...landed front first a three foot drop, did not fall off. And felt that chest tightening rush of i made it, an unintensional drop...
But how often can i deliberately do this at 190 lbs on my bike Giant Escaper disc 2010.
At 44yrs that rush was amazing want to do it again being a newbie an many jumps may i get from my bike before i break it and have to upgrade... ... 805/39653/


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    Sounds curiously familiar... :)
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    If you land flat and hard, maybe not so long.. if you work on your technique you should be able to minimise the impact of big drops, in which case it will last a whole lot longer..

    Check out some of the tutorials..
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    hey man.....the video links don't work...but good tip anyhow...