Upgrading from compact to race chainset

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If I was to upgrade from a compact 50/34 to a 53/39 would I just need to buy new chainrings or do I need to buy a new chainset?
Would the new chainrings fit onto the crank arms?
Are the crank arms not different on compacts to standard crank-arms?


  • keef66
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    Different bolt circle diameters I believe, so new chainset required.
  • ride_whenever
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    Compacts do have a different size to doubles, but I believe you can get double sized rings for compact chainsets.
  • thiscocks
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    Is it considered an up-grade?
  • relanium
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    At the moment the spec of my bike is a 50/34 chain-set with a 12-23 cassette, I had a 53/39 on my old bike and feel I got more speed from a bigger chain-set.
  • keef66
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    In another post Reddragon's just posted a link to Spa Cycles who seem to do loads of 110BCD chainrings in standard sizes.

    I stand corrected!
  • softlad
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    thiscocks wrote:
    Is it considered an up-grade?

    in a word - no

    for some inexplicable reason, there is an enduring misconception that a standard chainset is somehow 'better'......
  • maddog 2
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    relanium wrote:
    and feel I got more speed from a bigger chain-set.


    I'm off shopping
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  • Aapje
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    Why not just replace the 34 tooth ring with a 39 tooth ring? If you are lacking top speed, you can install a 11-23 cassette.

    The big advantage of that setup is that you can easily go back to the 34 tooth ring if you go somewhere hilly.