699 quid to burn

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Need some help desperately! I used to own a badboy which got nicked last week and the insurance company have given me option to replace from these guys:

http://www.wheelies.co.uk/Catalogue.asp ... r%20Unisex

£699 is tops but I could tip it slightly. It's surprising how little 700 squid buys you these days!

If I can't decide on anything I'm going back to the badboy - I would just take it but I heard the waiting times on cannondales are a joke - anyone hear the same?

http://www.wheelies.co.uk/p28964/Cannon ... -2010.aspx

Mostly commute, weekend dirt tracks perhaps (if its an mtb), and something not likely to get nicked. haha.. 8)



  • not £700?
  • crankface
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    my budget is 750 tops..
  • The Spiderman
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    Of those I`d have the Genesis Core 20.

    However if you are using it mainly for commuting you might be better off with another Badboy,or even a road bike.....
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