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I am about to purchase a Be One hard tail and need pedals! I use Time road pedals on my TT, road and track bikes and see that Time also do MTB pedals. I note that most guys seem to use Crank Bros or Shimano though...what do people think about Time MTB pedals?

Thanks for input, appreciated


  • llamafarmer
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    Time pedals are absolutely top notch. Bullet proof build quality, clear mud really well and more 'float' than most of the others. They're more expensive than Shimano and probably heavier than Crank Bros, but worth it if your knees don't like SPDs.

    My Z Controls have been going over a year and are faultless and I've just bought a pair of Atac XS to shave a bit of weight :D
  • davewalsh
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    I have some Time ATAC ROC S pedals and think they're excellent, 2 years old and the bearings are as smooth as the day I bought them. I also have a dodgy knee which is no problem with these pedals due to the amount of float.