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Why are my replacement Hydraulic disc pads 'on' constantly ?

RichHarrisonRichHarrison Posts: 9
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
New to this DIY bike maintenance lark. Bought 'Zinn's MTB Manual' and tried to fit new shifters; Rear cassette; chain and Disc Pads ( Shimano Mechanical ) to fit QUAD QDP1 hydraulic Brakes. Everything went swimmingly apart from the discs. Once I'd fitted them - following Zinn's instructions - there was no gap for the rotor to fit in ! Had to prize them apart with screwdriver. Have not bothered fitting back wheels' set until I know what I did wrong ! Front discs constantly in contact with rotor; therefore am having to use extra effort when pedalling - EVEN DOWNHILL ! - Any ideas ? Please help, legs can't take much more !


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