Sending/couriering a bike in the UK - who's cheap/reliable ?

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I need to send/post/courier a bike to a UK address.

Has anyone done this recently, to save me doing the legwork of looking round all the parcel courier firms websites to find out who's cheapest and reliable ?

It's a full bike, will be boxed-up in a cardboard bike box and I'm looking for someone who will pick up from my address and have tracking info so I can make sure it gets to the delivery address safely.



  • nochekmate
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    Search the forum as there has been a thread on this recently.

    For info I have used It costs £22.95 to courier a bike to MAINLAND UK (this may not be the cheapest by a couple of £s but I have found them to be reliable and the booking takes just a frew seconds online).
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    try interparcel, they quotes different companies
  • andy_wrx
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    I've ended-up using ParcelMonkey, who are a middleman buying slots from the various carriers, HDN in my case
    - £5.99 for 24hr, with insurance at £1/£100