pitch pro or giant reign 2

ashleygardiner Posts: 3
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hi i am currently riding a 2001 gt i-drive so i think it is time for an upgrade

i am liking the the pitch and reign 2, i have ridden a reign around a carpark not the best demo but it did feel nice not sorted out a demo on a pitch yet.

does anyone know what the 2010 pitch weighes and what are they like running a twin ring setup.
opinions please

thanks ash


  • micksjoiner
    micksjoiner Posts: 409
    i liked the pitch as soon as tried it, prefer the double to the triple
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  • thanks for your input

  • upinsmoke
    upinsmoke Posts: 278
    Both great bikes but the Reign would be my choice (I have a Reign 1 so slightly biased)
  • Pitch for sure (although i own one. Double is fine, pitch weighs around 30lbs if not lighter. My old marin wolf ridge quad link was much heavier. 2010 pitch comes with a chainguide on it.