should i buy edge 500 or 705?

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i have seen that this has been discussed several times yet im still confused.

i want a new gps and cant decide between these 2.

is the 705 worth the extra £125??
i know its got full maps but i like doing most of my riding on quiet country lanes so are minor roads and country lanes mapped?

was wondering if anyone with one of these devices can tell me how good they are, reliable and how easy to use? (kind of a lot of money to part with so want to be sure before i buy one)


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  • redvee
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    Go to Handtec and you'll find the price difference between the two is less than a ton.

    500 with HR & CAD - £187
    705 with HR & CAD - £270. Awaiting delivery of the 705s though :(

    The maps that come on the SD card, City Navigator Europe NT, have covered all the areas I've ridden/travelled with no set backs. I've had to use my 705 at work when the A-Z maps have been out of date on new build estates.
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  • sungod
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    the city navigator europe nt map is generally very good, it is not just cities - it covers rural areas as well, if it's a proper road, even small, then it seems to be there

    you can browse an interactive version of the map, go here... ... overageTab the top of the map, click the "click here for interactive map" and you'll get a window open up

    click the "more detail" button to get the full coverage of minor roads

    click on the area you want to see, each click will zoom in another level

    so you can check out if it's got the detail you want, i use mine in the algarve on cycling hols and find the coverage is great even way out in the country

    as for reliability, my 705 has had a year of sun/rain/snow/hail/ice, been baked at 40+ and frozen at -6, with plenty of bouncing around, no problems so far, i think as long as you make sure the usb and sd card covers are properly closed then it is immune to anything you are ever likely to ride through
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    But surely CityMap is another +/-£80 on top of the 705.
    Unless you get a snide copy... :wink:
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  • redcsc
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    just looking and not really sure i can justify spending the extra for the 705. i mean most of the time i know the roads im going on....although i guess in emergencies (when im knackered and need a short cut) it could be useful !

    is there much difference between the 305 and the 500??
  • Anonymous
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    The difference between the 305 and 500 is ANT+ (compatibility with power meter) capability.

    I looked at the 500 and 705 and went with the 705, glad I did as I now have the confidence to go on rides in areas I didn't really know. Very pleased with it.
  • jamespiggot
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    I have owned the 705 for a couple of years now. The maps and navigation have made me more adventurous in where I go and also useful when riding events. The screen ont he 705 is larger I think so easier to read than the 500. On the other hand the 500 is smaller, the 705 is quite a hefty beast and hard to read the screen on an angled stem due to the fittings supplied, I think the 500 does solve that issue. If you regularly ride sportives or audax or similar events then it is very useful to have the sat nav facility. Otherwise, I don't use the maps all that often. I guess you have to decide based on how often you will need sat nav and maps against the extra expense and bulk of the 705.
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    I'm planning on getting the 500 - I haven't spent a fortune on a new, light bike to make it unneccessarily heavy again :lol:

    Seriously though, the 500 does apparently have a facility for importing routes so, as long as you can follow a line and tie it in with the road junctions around you, you'll be OK without the actual map bit.
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    Even if you mostly ride roads you know at the moment, if you get a 705 you'll be able to vary your rides a lot more. If you're not interested in HR/cadence though you could get a Garmin Etrex Legend or Vista HCx for less. They have all the navigation features of the 705 and use the same maps. I have a Legend HCx for navigating and a Forerunner 310xt for training.
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