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Broken spring on an SPD pedal, replaceable?

rhodrigwynrhodrigwyn Posts: 26
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
About half way round Whites at Afan today I managed to snap the spring on one side of my m520 spd's. I was wondering why I couldn't clip in! The spring has broken where it meets the tension adjustment bolt. Are these springs available anywhere as a spare?? Thanks for any advice/answers!


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Unless you can find somebody with a broken pair it looks like a new pair of pedals but at around £20 hardly a budget breaker.
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  • rhodrigwynrhodrigwyn Posts: 26
    thought so, ahh well ill have a spare then. Thanks.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Just get some new ones. You really don't want to be taking the cage apart anyway, major pain to try and reassemble.
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