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Greetings to all, i'm a complete novice looking at getting myself a bit fitter with having some fun doing it, i recently bought a Bianchi kuma 5100 through the cycle to work scheme. ... Y0B97.aspx

I bought it as i liked the look of it with the chap in the shop recomended it along with a couple of others,the Bianchi just felt right when i sat on it, i have no idea about specs or anything else i will be cycling to work on virtually every day as well as going on trails etc as and when i get time and inclination to do so.
I am looking at advice in maybe improving my ride a little, i love how it feels when i'm on it but after reading this forum i could easily get into it big time and start sticking new forks etc on it.
I have a very good bike shop near me where i got my bike called JE James who are specialists so equipment would be easily obtained.
So i am looking on pointers on improving or tweaking my bike if necesary, thanks in advance to anyone offering any advice.