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Trek Fuel Disc adapter & hose routing

mferebornmfereborn Posts: 480
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I have a trek fuel frame (stickers claim its the 2004 '90' model) that has a disc adapter. i'm wanting to run hydraulic discs up back and this isnt a problem however i'm wondering how i'd find out what size disc the rear of the frame could take?

I know 160mm would be more than adequate for xc work however i'd like a 180 and would consider larger if i could find one for the right price.

Any ideas how i could figure this out or will any disc be fine?

Furthermore the bike was designed for V style cabled brakes, how would i route brake hoses on a bike without a specific mounting point? I was considering trying to drill out the far left cable guide so it was hollow and try to get the cable through, but i dont think this will work unless i dissasemle the hose first and reassemble once routed.

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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    IIRC there was no limit to disc size.

    get suitable adapter for the discs you want, or the correct caliper (it is brake dependant).

    buy a hose guide the fit in the cable guide.
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  • mferebornmfereborn Posts: 480
    Cheers mate, i wasnt sure r.e the disc size as forks determine the size of the front rotor apparantly.

    Would a hose guide solve my problem, the cable guide seems t be considerably more small than a hydraulic hose!
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  • mferebornmfereborn Posts: 480

    One of these?

    That does make sense!
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