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I a'm trying to set up my Velomann V1.10 and I have put on the sensors and the computer put in all the right data.

does the bit attached to the forks have to be on a certain side? I know it has to be within 60cm of the computer and 5mm away from the magnet on the spoke/

When im riding it doesn't pick up information it says I have a Max speed of 5mph and an average of 21?? not possible?? it doesn't always start up when i turn the wheel only about 1/2 mile of the way into my ride.

any help would be gratefully received!


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    I'm not familiar with the Velomann but from your description it sounds as though it must be a wireless computer ?

    Problems I have experienced with a range of other makes indicate you should:

    1. Make sure the batteries in both the display unit and the sensor are OK and are making good contact (clean them with dry cloth if unsure).

    2. Try adjusting the sensor/magnet air gap and see if it makes any difference. Often there is a mark on the sensor that the magnet has to pass by to ensure it picks up correctly.

    3. Where have you placed the computer ? Is it on the same side of the bike as the sensor ? Sometimes the handlebar or stem can interfere with reception of the wireless signal from the sensor.

    4. Check that you have entered all the data correctly.

    5. You say it starts working after about 1/2 mile - is it intermittent before or completely dead ? Once it starts working is the data displayed consistent or does it jump about ?
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    It doesn't respond until 1/2 mile at all, The data jumps about, this morning on route to work (4 miles) it read 11milutes, max speed 5mph avg 1.4 DST 0.26

    The computer is on the stem.

    Does it matter where the receiver is, it is on the left fork behind the fork.

    Also does the unit reset the records as i have had it of the bike for 3hrs and i can still get the readings?
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    Sounds like the pickup is intermittent - although it doesn't make sense to me why you are consistently getting no readings for the first half mile. As I said, I'm not familiar with the Velomann computers but, if you can easily do it, try swapping the sensor to the right fork blade. Some computers seem to have a preferred side (I think Cateye suggest fitting the sensor to the RHS). Also, try moving the sensor closer to the magnet. What do the instructions recommend ?

    Putting the computer on the stem may shield the signal from the fork sensor. It works fine in this position with the Cateye wireless models (in my experience) but the Velomanns may be more sensitive to computer location. If you can, move the computer mount on to the handlebar on the same side as the sensor.

    Normally readings such as distance travelled, average speed etc are held in the computer memory until you manually reset them. Instantaneous speed should read zero off the bike.
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    It does sound like the connection is erratic - its not seeing a pulse every wheel rotation.
    Presumably if you lift the front wheel and spin it, it doesn't register any speed?

    I would move the sensor as close as possible to the magnet without risk of fouling and see if that improves things. Otherwise try holding the computer in different locations and again spin the wheel. Might also be worth a change of batteries just to rule that out. Is there a hard reset button (maybe on the back)- worth trying that too.

    Is it new? If all else fails I would return it for replacement/refund.
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    Thank you, I will try swapping the sides and putting the computer onto the bars instead of the stem.

    Your right it doesn't pick up a signal when I just spin the wheel. I will also try to move the sensor and receiver closer together.

    It is brand new, opened the box on Sunday?

    I was hoping that the stats would reset after each ride, because my average changes depending on if im commuting 4miles or riding 25miles. I'd also like to see what distance i have done from home, any suggestions for another computer in the eventuality that I have to return it.

    The instruction booklet was very badly translated and wasn't very clear.
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    If you're going to return the Velomann and you want a wireless computer, I'd recommend the Cateye Strada Wireless. It's not the cheapest wireless computer you can get but it does seems to work reliably (for me anyway).