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Changing Shifters from Shimano to SRAM

PufftmwPufftmw Posts: 1,941
edited May 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
On my nice Scott Spark I have Deore shifters but I find that for whatever reason they rub on my thumbs as I ride around so I end up doing a strange sort of monkey grip with my thumb over the grips as opposed to around. I have tried adjusting but to no avail.

So I was thinking about u/grading to XT to see if that made a difference when I suddenly thought about my old GF which has twist shifters (thats Gary Fisher not GirlFriend!!). Looking into this, it would appear that SRAM are the leaders in this system and X9 or X0 are suitable. X0 apparently offer better grip according to reviews on this site.

Now on this investigation, it transpires that I need to change the rear mech to an SRAM device but not the front - is that correct?

Also, I will need to change the rear mech. Current one is an SLX Shadow rear mech but how do I know it is the Long, Medium or Short Cage and what does it mean, if anything? Benefit of X0 over X9 in this instance?

I'm looking forward to making this change and saving a few grams in the process :)




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