creaking bike driving me mad

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The noise or loud creaking has got to a point, it's distracting me from the ride. i have check and cleaned the BB and headset all seem to be fine, i now think could it be the chain or chainset as i have done 4200 km on these. the creaking is worse when i apply pressure on the pedals , like going up hills or a hard sprint ( i just brought new speedplay pedals, the noise was there before and after). all help or ideas is welcome. thanks darren


  • MrChuck
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    You could try, in no particular order:

    Chainring bolts
    Stem bolts/bar clamp
    Seatpost clamp

    I don't think that a worn chain/chainring would result in the sort of noise you describe, although it might get a bit noisier in general.
  • 52Teeth
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    Agree with the above, I had this and applying a bit more muscle to the front QR sorted it.
  • Boabie38
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    I have had same noise, try taking out and and greasing your cleats.
  • biggayal
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    Have at look at this thread in the workshop forum:
    Creakings, clickings, tickings, clankings and knockings.
    It made me laugh cos my bike does exactly the same, drives me nuts, but it doesn't do it when i'm sitting down and pedalling
  • markmod
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    I had exactly the same with me Scott cr1. Turned out the Ritchie wcs seatpost was too long and flexing inside the frame seattube. A shorter seatpost fixed the groaning sound instantly!! Weird but true.