Arrrgh what new bike to get

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I'm decided to get my self a present and am looking at the following bikes, but am unable to decide on what to get. My limit is the £1000, due to Cycle to work scheme.

Here are the choices:

Trek 1.7 ... path=,2300

Ribble ... ERA&bike=1

Planet X - SL Pro ... sram-rival

It won't be used for racing yet, nor commuting.

Heres a few stats about me if it helps: 5,10 and 115kg.

I can go test ride the Trek but neither of the others, but can go to Halfords to try the Rival shifters out. Which one would you get and why?

My apologies for asking what some might see as a mundane question.




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    It's important that you test ride the bikes to see what feels "right" and fits. Then you will know what you need to buy and have an idea on the right frame size as the geometry of the frame can mean that a 54cm frame from one maker is different fit on a 54cm frame from another.

    At 5'10" you most likely will fit a 54/55cm frame and may be okay on a 56cm. You need to see what is right for you. The two key measurements are standover (inside leg) to ensre stood over the bike that you are not crushing the family jewels on the cross bar - you should aim for 1 to 2 inch gap between your crotch and the bar. The second one is the reach from the saddle or top tube length as this is the stretch on the bike. Only by trying some bikes out and deciding on your preferred bike will you know exactly what size you need.

    I cannot comment on ribble or planet x as I have no experience of these but there are plenty on here who do so may give you an opinion. I ride a Trek Madone and the 1.7 is I believe the same geometry in an aluminium frame. I love my Trek and would recommend wholeheartedly.

    For a starter I would also suggest you look at Specialized Allez, Bianchi Via Nirone and Cannondale CAAD8 or CAAD9.

    Boardman bikes are great value too and worth a serious look.

    Gear system is down to personal preference in the great scheme of things as Shimano, SRAM and Campag all make great systems - SRAM use double tap to change gear as in one push for change up and double push for change down. If you have no experience of Shimano and Campag system then you probably will find it fine - those moving from Shimano or Campag tend to find it strange at least at first as both these makers use brake lever to change to larger cogs and seperate inner leaver to change to smaller cogs.

    Its what you get used to I guess. Shimano Sora slightly different as it has a thumb switch which 90% of the time riding on the hoods provides no problems but cannot be reached off the drops. I reommend Tiagra as a minimum if you go Shimano spec and if you can get 105 on your budget then all the better - a bit smoother in use and brakes stronger.

    I would recommend the Trek as it has a great pedigree and in my experience is a great ride but everyone is different so go back to my first point and try some bikes out for size to see what suits you.
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    I would go for the Ribble,

    But you get far with no wheels. lol
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    I bought a Trek 1.7 last year (exactly the same as your link, except the triple version - its a bit hillier up here in Cumbria) and love it. comfy all day long, but fast too :D:D
    I'm 5'11 and 82Kg's (and falling :D ) I went for a 56 (actually it was the last one in the shop so it was good that it fit me!)

    I wouldn't buy anything I couldn't try first, but I'm just like that. Good luck with your purchase.
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    I'm 6' and 90kgs. I bought the Trek 1.7c last year. My first road bike and love it. i tested a few and I knew fairly quickly those which just didn't feel right. i liked the Bianchi but having ridden it for a few miles it was bottom of my list!

    Can't recommend highly enough test riding before you buy. My local Halfords wouldn't let me on a Boardman, don't know if that is the same at all branches but there was no way I was parting with £1000 without riding it first.

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    "My limit is the £1000, due to Cycle to work scheme"

    "It won't be used for racing yet, nor commuting"

    So how do you reconcile these apparently contradictory statements? Why should my hard-earned taxes subsidise you buying a bike you don't even intend to ride to work? I'll be writing to my MP, even though I didn't vote for him.

    And I'm not even remotely jealous because my employer flatly refuses to entertain a cycle to work scheme. Not a bit. B@stards.
  • Try this link for sizing. One less thing to worry about?
    [url=On]On ... ULATOR&SIT[/url] E.CODE=&gender=M&units=
    Hope it helps, good hunting!
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    Beeline Cycles is one of the better shops in Oxford and sell bikes from Specialized, Trek, Ridgeback, Bianchi, Cervelo, Marin, Genesis, Lapierre, Wilier and Pinarello so the chances of them helping you find something to suit you is pretty good.

    Having said that they are in Cowley Road and another good shop just along the road (selling Giant bikes) is Cycloanalysts. Please walk past Cycle King as they sell mostly BSO's for students who need cheap transport and don't care much for quality bikes.

    The big advantage to buying from a lbs is the help/advice you can get and being able to actually ride the bikes before you buy, so any shop with lots of choice has to be a big bonus.
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    I've bought from Beeline before, got my MTB from there a few years ago. Thery've also helped me put together another road bike before. I'll nip in there this week and see what they have in stock.

    Cheers for the help.

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    Have a look at my sig. just under 1200 quid but they will let you put money towords at ribble. I was going to get it on the same scheme but my work wouldnt set it up so i ended up saving up for it.