What Road Bike For Roadie Newb?

Mark Elvin
Mark Elvin Posts: 997
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I have a rather nice MTB at the moment & in a bid to increase my fitness I am looking for a nice road bike.

Are there any killer value road bikes out there at the moment or would I be better getting something on the C2W sheame (my company uses Halfords BTW)
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  • kingrollo
    kingrollo Posts: 3,198
    Boardman - Carbon on c2w - would be a deal thats harD to beat IMO

    Whats your budget ?
  • Mark Elvin
    Mark Elvin Posts: 997
    That's what I was thinking along the lines of, looking to spend up to about £500, but the 18month payments on the c2w & the 40% discount make the Boardman bikes appear very good value.
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  • laurence91
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    I recently spent about 3 months thinking about which bike to go for on the C2W scheme.... in the end I opted for a Trek 2.1 as my top budget was £1000 and it had the nicest feel on a test ride. Id recommend one, although do go for test rides. Having said that I have had the plate on the stem which clamps the handlebars on go loose twice now whilst riding, which is not exactly a good thing. I think it naturally depends on your budget as i set out to spend around £500, but as with most things the next model up is only another couple of hundred....... before you know it.

    Iv heard good things about the boardman, frankly I would have got one if our scheme allowed it.

    Good luck with finding the right one