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Suspension Fork woes :(

T1beriousT1berious Posts: 438
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I was out at the weekend and noticed my front end felt really twitchy and sketchy, I thought I was imagining it, but after two stacks at a place I've ridden loads of times I felt I needed to take some action.

My Forks had been leaking a bit of oil and I was going to replace the seals and top up but fate decided to take a hand. So I stop and try to put some air in. it lost a little pressure but as I had my shock pump with me it wasn't an issue.

At this point the valve wasn't retaining air :( I know the forks need a bit of love but has anyone got an idea how painful it will be to replace the shock valve?

The Fork is a Pace RC41 XCAM

Cheers T1b


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    if a Schrader valve just unscrew the core and replace.
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  • Pace still have the online manual available:

    As nicklouse mentioned, replacing the valve core is your first option.
    Extract from the manual:

    "Fork is loosing air-pressure (RC41)
    -Check that schrader valve is core is not dirty. *Warning* Air spring
    system under high pressure! Do not remove air chamber housing
    (retained by large crown circlip) or valve core in centre of schrader
    valve without completely deflating fork pressure. Wear eye protection.
    Use a valve core removal tool then carefully clean/ replace valve core
    then refit and re-pressurise chamber."
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  • T1beriousT1berious Posts: 438
    Cheers for that, They have to go for a service anyway as it's been well over the year since the last one. :oops:
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