typical lifespan of a headset ?

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I posted a couple of weeks ago about the ride smoothness of my bike becoming very rough indeed and i lowered the tyre pressures which made a bit of a difference. I normally ride with both tyres at 120 psi. I had suspected a knackered headset and i brought my trek 1000 to LBS who confirmed that my headset was toast.

It cost me £47 for supply and fitting of a new headset and what a difference !! Some of the coastal roads i ride are abysmal and can this have an impact on the lifespan of a headset ? Ive had the bike for 3 years and have covered about 10,000 miles on it, would this be typical mileage for headset lifespan ?

With some of the roads ive ridden that have broken spokes regularly on RS20 wheels i used to have , im surprised the bike hasnt fallen to bits yet :lol:


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    I reckon 10,000 a bit early for headset death but it depends on the make of headset, how well it was lubricated and adjusted as well as the roughness of the terrain. Also, getting water in them during riding or washing will greatly accelerate wear. I have had some wear at that distance but usually manage about 20,000 before needing a new one. I do clean and re-grease them once a year though. Look forward to hearing experience of others.